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Reverend Dr. Rickey Bernard Harvey is the 10th Pastor of Mt. Olivet. 

Rickey Harvey was born February 14th, 1964, the eighth of nine children. His childhood, formative, and young adult, years were spent in Memphis, Tennessee, where he accepted his call to ministry at the age of 22 under the pastorate of Reverend Melvin Rodgers at New Bethel Baptist Church.

Rickey Harvey was called to serve Springhill Baptist Church in Moscow, Tennessee as Pastor, a few weeks after his first sermon, in 1987. While serving Springhill Baptist Church, a first, third, and fifth Sunday Church in 1988, Rickey Harvey was called to serve as pastor for Mount Level Baptist Church in Como, Mississippi, a second and fourth Sunday Church. Both Churches simultaneously enjoyed the growth and excitement of the two growing churches. It was a very formative and fun time for both the Churches and Rickey Harvey. In September of 1989, Saint Paul Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee called him to serve as full time pastor where he served for nearly a decade. It was during his tenure at St. Paul (Memphis) that he became nationally known and would be requested to preach some twenty-five to thirty revivals across the country annually.

In 1998, Rickey Harvey accepted the call of Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona and served faithfully until October 2008. Under his administration, houses, properties, vans, and state of the art office equipment were cash purchased. A Church Growth Conference that included eleven Senior Pastors from across the country was perhaps the highlight of the huge affairs that took place with him at Mount Calvary. Rickey Harvey is an advocate of Christian Growth. He lead the Mount Calvary Church in an "In Christ Jesus-New Creature Revival Conference" which brought together all of the local Baptist Preachers in Tucson together in Citywide Revival and Renewal services. He led the church in community witnessing through Church in the Park, Community Picnics, door-to-door canvassing and radio ministries.

In October of 2008, Rickey Harvey was called to the Mount Olivet Baptist Church in Rochester, NY where he currently serves. He believes that upon his first arrival to Mount Olivet; he heard the voice of God saying "Welcome Home." He was called to Mount Olivet on the hills of Barack Obama being elected first African American President of the United States of America. Upon hitting the ground, he led a Barack Obama Presidential Inauguration Celebration at the Hyatt Hotel in Rochester which drew nearly 500 people. He made his debut in the city of Rochester when he served as the keynote speaker for the Martin Luther King Junior Day at the Eastman Theatre as he opened up with the 1960's Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come." He brought to Mount Olivet Baptist Church and the Rochester Community his 20 year tradition of Holy Week of Sacrificial Worship; a Monday thru Friday worship service held at 5:00am each morning leading up to Easter Sunday with country style breakfast each morning at 6:30am. He's an advocate for growing the Church from within and to that end; has expanded the Mount Olivet's Family Care Team and Baptism Ministry.

Since accepting his call to ministry, Rickey Harvey has preached across the nation in more than 30 states and a countless number of towns and cities. He has conducted citywide revivals, preached in the National Baptist Congress, National Baptist Student Union Retreat, preached in State Conventions, Congresses, District Association Crusades, Baptist Ministers' Association Revivals, and currently serves on the faculty of the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education. He has been on the faculty of the National Baptist Congress since the age of 23.

Rickey Harvey served as President of the Paradise Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arizona, Inc where he through God's help lifted the convention to new heights; including a state of the art website. He is a past member of the Board of Directors of the National Baptist Convention of America; USA Inc.

Rickey Harvey was a member and lead singer for two of Memphis' top recording gospel quartet groups, the Stars of Nightingales and the Dixie Wonders. He traveled to countless cities with both groups for more than two decades singing on programs often with the Mighty Clouds of Joy, Jackson Southernaires, Canton Spirituals, Williams Brothers, Shirley Caesar, Inez Andrews, Cassietta George, Gospel Keynotes, and many of the quartets who continue singing today.

Honors bestowed upon Rickey Harvey include receiving a Bachelor of Divinity from Tennessee School of Religion in 1993 and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity in 1998 from the Tennessee School of Religion. In pursuit of higher learning, Rickey Harvey earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Memphis in Psychology, Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Phoenix in Business Management, a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix in 2004 and a Master of Divinity Degree (MDIV) from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in 2006. He will receive his Doctorate of Ministry Degree (DMIN) at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School on Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Rickey Harvey is married to the former Ms Yvonne Brummell of Conway, South Carolina. The two are former owners of Exclusive Touch Full Service Hair and Nail Care Salon in Tucson, and continue Harvey’s Property Management, LLC in Memphis since leaving Tucson.

Rickey is the proud father of Rico 27, owner of Tennessee Accidents and Consulting, Ricketa 19, Computer Engineer Major at Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi, Rickey Jr. 18, graduate of Horn Lake High School and future college student in the Rochester, NY community, and Rishard 4, a preschool at the Northstar Christian School, Rochester.

In his free time, he enjoys hearing local quartets sing, reading self-help books, and raising and showing prize chickens for which he has won many blue ribbons with his chickens.

He’s anointed to preach the Gospel and committed to bringing men and women into fellowship with Christ and into responsible church membership through equipping believers, enriching persons, evangelizing people and edifying missions.


Pastor Relationship Committee

Our Objective:

To  to assist in maintaining good relations between our pastor and the congregation.

Our Mission:

To Help the pastor and members of the church share ideas, hopes, dreams and interpretation of the church's mission.




                   by Terrica Jestice

Use this gift I give, He said
To call My sheep to Me
I shall give to you the words to use
So that they shall see

Let them know I hear their cries
That I care for one and all
I will do what's best for them
If they will only heed my call

That first step, so hard to take
They'll want to run and hide
Tell them that I'm here for them
For it was them, for whom I died

Tell them I can ease their pain
And I will wash away their sin
Tell them I can make them white as snow
They need only let me in

My pastor took Your gift, my Lord
Now I rejoice from Thine embrace
For I feel Your love surround me
You've filled me with Your grace

And I thank You humbly Lord
For allowing my ears to hear
The love that's in my Pastor's voice
When he talks to you in Prayer



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